Monday, February 22, 2010

FIVE stars petfood!!!

Did a minor research on dog food~
so for all you dog lovers outside~
this is a very simple list of dog foods with 5 star ratings....

do watch out the type of dog you're having and also the age of your dog~

1) Innova EVO
2) Orijien
3) Acana
4) Before grain
5) Blue Buffolo
6) California Natural
7) Canidae
8) Merrick
9) Nature's Variety
10) Pinnacle Peak
11) Solid Gold
12) Taste & Wild
13) Wellness
14) Whole Earth Farms
15) Wysong

Out of the 15's.....
so far I only found that....
Orijien & Innova Evo is available in Malaysia
Of which
Orijien - 2.5kg for RM50
Innova EVO - 13kg for RM138

But also read something about changing ur pets diet might cause diarrhea, pancreatitis, etc...
heh?! so scary 1 mer....
so try at your own risk or simply just consult a vet or something~
no use asking the sales person right~
They might just yadda yadda to you and say this is good or whatever~

hmmmm........... what to do ler....
since Tidus is still a baby~ no use worrying...
so far the 1 I'm using for him~ which the pet shop owner recommended to me... is just TWO stars...
But there's no complaint la~ his mmm mmm is solid... and he's active everyday~
So.... ok lor~
let me finish this pack and lets see if i might just change it la~
as it's kinda fucked up for me to buy RM56 for 3 kg when it's on TWO stars!
Just went to check in the shop today~ and MELAKA doesn't have anything above TWO STARS!!! FMD!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy New Year!
This Year will definitely be better than the previous years!!!
Wishing everybody wealth & prosperous!!!

It did started off good for me this year~
but lets not further delay~
I shall record this as I could say this is a new transition in my life...
As 1 of My friend said~
It's a major commitment & It's a at least 10 years commitment~

How can you reject him?????

So this is the story~
It came with a sign on 1st day of chinese new year~
As prompted by my friend....
we noticed a baby figure cloud as we were driving~

Ask my Mortal Coi San(God of Fortune.... Guess Who~) also gave me the direction~
It continues to~~~~~

How do you convert from this~~~

To this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Into This!!!!!


Was having quite a hard time thinking of a name for it~ Since I got it in the year of tiger~ Should I just name it Tiger?? It sounded too fierce for the cuteness He's having now~
Of cause I also came up with MAGNUM~ Since he was sponsored by magnum~
but.... Nah~~~

So as I stare at him on the 2nd day he got home~

This suddenly just came into my mind~
So here I bring you~

Welcome Home~ Tidus

Age = 3 months
Lenght = 35cm
Abdominal circumference = 31cm

PS: This will not change into a pure pet blog~

My 2010 Target~~

Went to 1 of my closest friend house to bai nian~
My house shall have this too!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


What do you do when you're dead bored in class?

Write a note on your notebook and show it to the rest of your classmate which is not entirely focusing on the class~

Or simply just show them an advertisement you found on the newspaper~
'It's Half price man!!!! HALF!!!!'

And hopefully one of the classmate would be happy to join you can try to convince other people in the group~

And here we are~ McDon Don~
With the HALF price Sundae!

Well~ this is once a year offer from Mcdonald's Prosperity burger~ Since I was sick for more than 2 weeks now.... I was kinda delayed to taste this wonderful burger~

With a new surprise upon every bite following one another.... This is in fact one of the amazing offer that a fast food franchise can provide~
Juicy piece of beef seasoned through the meat...
Perfectly grilled but maintain its tenderness...
Dipped in Aromatic black pepper sauce~
With sweet crunchy Onion slices~

You'll be done with this 6 inch burger without knowing it & you might crave for more at the instance.... I guess there's a reason behind why they came out with DOUBLE meat burger~

Happy New Year to all my folks and Have a pleasant holiday~
Lots of Health & Wealth~

& wanted to post this before Chinese New Year as I think it's a kinda not suitable for the festive season~

A week ago I went to Immigration Department in Melaka....
As I was waiting inside the hall... I noticed what was behind me & can't help to snap a picture....

And so luckily It was 8.30 in the morning....

Ok~ I didn't wanna say anything bout it here... So just try to imagine what was I thinking at that point of time~

Imagine all the people..... Living Life in piece.... From by John Lennon...

PS: Suddenly remembered a joke from a radio....
What's the happiest burger in Malaysia?? burger umbira~~~

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Learn to....

从很小的时候,我就习惯用十年后的自己来看当下,所以很多是我其实都不在乎,例如店员找错钱给我,或是服务生送错了菜这种小事,十年后的我根本就不会在意,所以现在的我何必要生气呢?浪费时间也浪费精神啊.... by 九把刀

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My new toy...

Finally~ Got myself a bluetooth Handsfree~

From today onwards.....

No more unanswered calls!
No more oily fingers on my phone!
No more burnt food in my wok while attending to phone call!
No more putting down my comic while in I'm taking a dump!
No more panic attack when there's a cop on the street while I'm driving!
No more jealousy towards my housemate over his tiny samsung bluetooth! & He LOST HIS!!!!
No more dilemma on to buy or not to buy!!!!!


Jabra BT2080~ Stylish yet provides a quality sound & recording~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tender Loving Care

I've always been a frequent visitor to pet shops....
So recently after having a beetle as a pet... I've came to this pet shop in Sunway Pyramid specifically to see if there's any bizarre accessories or food for beetles...

Of cause I could found there is this cute tree trunk thing that disperse honey for beetles..
and also some jelly pudding like food for them~

But what actually caught my attention was this old uncle came into the PET SHOP holding a string and obviously was 'walking' a living creature in front of him...

Eh? Pyramid got so nice let pets wander around the complex ar~


PS: I suppose to have this blog entry last week but due to some excitement in my life that made me so lazy to write my blog anymore~ and the reason being I added this below is because....

RIP Kuro~

I initially took this picture.... As it shows more of it's current condition... but it looks too much like.... ermmm... ahhh~
SO to honour it for accompanying me for 2 completed weeks....
I use the photo above instead~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here we came to another peaceful land in Malaysia...


A calm & peaceful town with majority of the town folks would sleep at 9pm daily....
A wonderful place for getaway from stressful situation~

As usual... I'm not going to comment much of the place...
but instead....

This is one of taiping specialty...

Chicken Skin Lou Shu Fen~

Yes.... It's exactly what I said...
Chicken Skin....
For those who are really that health conscious and would throw away chicken skin...
Kindly turn around now....

The chicken skin is specially prepared to enhance its chewiness and taste.....
It is served as separately as you can see from the picture....

Shimmering cuts of the chicken skin with a boink boink touch....
That's the perfect word to describe it~ hahaha

Of cause you won't be having just SKIN for a meal right?
So for the meat part.... and still having not enough of just the chicken skin.....
We ordered the part of the chicken which having the maximum area covered by skin too~~

The Wings & the backside tail.... as you could see from the picture above~
And also family members of extreme fans of this which make me have to pack as many as of the parts the stall has....
Eventually the chicken became like this at the time i left~

But still just look at the size of the chicken!!
And so sorry I was too excited on the chicken skin & totally forgotten pictures of the lou shu fen~
hahaha... but nevermind~

Another place of interest in Taiping is a place where you get to see and touch Wildboar for FREE~
Huh? Why wild boar?
As a myth in the region....
Touching and sayang-ing the pigs would bring you fortune and good luck.....

And I really have to say.... It really works!!!
Cxlvxn Lxu(The fella who told me this) won lottery just before Finals & eventually pass the exam!
And for myself~ Winning 4 prizes from Radio Stations of which 2 of them are cash prizes... And also winning a lottery although just consolation prize....

It's located behind a housing area and it's next to an Indian Temple.....
Cute & cuddly~

So the method of doing it is
1st lure the piggy near to you with food.....
then is to have a piece of cash in hand while rubbing with intense passion on the wild boar.... (intense passion is optional)

So what the heck with the piece of cash?
I'll use my wallet instead~ muahahahaha
Money Money Money~

It became so popular and this actually came into the newspaper once... which I heard from my dad.... It is said that even the Malays didn't really care bout the Halal issue and did the same as us~
Having that much of popularity... They even put up a notice board~ In THREE different Languages! wow!

As told form the Indian man I met there.... we were very very lucky to see the piggies at that hour(3pm) as the usual hour visitors would come is around 5-6pm... that's the time when the crowd is.... and so is all the piggies as they have the habit of coming for FREE FOOD at that hour~

I wonder if this two are waiting for the feast to start~