Monday, February 22, 2010

FIVE stars petfood!!!

Did a minor research on dog food~
so for all you dog lovers outside~
this is a very simple list of dog foods with 5 star ratings....

do watch out the type of dog you're having and also the age of your dog~

1) Innova EVO
2) Orijien
3) Acana
4) Before grain
5) Blue Buffolo
6) California Natural
7) Canidae
8) Merrick
9) Nature's Variety
10) Pinnacle Peak
11) Solid Gold
12) Taste & Wild
13) Wellness
14) Whole Earth Farms
15) Wysong

Out of the 15's.....
so far I only found that....
Orijien & Innova Evo is available in Malaysia
Of which
Orijien - 2.5kg for RM50
Innova EVO - 13kg for RM138

But also read something about changing ur pets diet might cause diarrhea, pancreatitis, etc...
heh?! so scary 1 mer....
so try at your own risk or simply just consult a vet or something~
no use asking the sales person right~
They might just yadda yadda to you and say this is good or whatever~

hmmmm........... what to do ler....
since Tidus is still a baby~ no use worrying...
so far the 1 I'm using for him~ which the pet shop owner recommended to me... is just TWO stars...
But there's no complaint la~ his mmm mmm is solid... and he's active everyday~
So.... ok lor~
let me finish this pack and lets see if i might just change it la~
as it's kinda fucked up for me to buy RM56 for 3 kg when it's on TWO stars!
Just went to check in the shop today~ and MELAKA doesn't have anything above TWO STARS!!! FMD!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy New Year!
This Year will definitely be better than the previous years!!!
Wishing everybody wealth & prosperous!!!

It did started off good for me this year~
but lets not further delay~
I shall record this as I could say this is a new transition in my life...
As 1 of My friend said~
It's a major commitment & It's a at least 10 years commitment~

How can you reject him?????

So this is the story~
It came with a sign on 1st day of chinese new year~
As prompted by my friend....
we noticed a baby figure cloud as we were driving~

Ask my Mortal Coi San(God of Fortune.... Guess Who~) also gave me the direction~
It continues to~~~~~

How do you convert from this~~~

To this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Into This!!!!!


Was having quite a hard time thinking of a name for it~ Since I got it in the year of tiger~ Should I just name it Tiger?? It sounded too fierce for the cuteness He's having now~
Of cause I also came up with MAGNUM~ Since he was sponsored by magnum~
but.... Nah~~~

So as I stare at him on the 2nd day he got home~

This suddenly just came into my mind~
So here I bring you~

Welcome Home~ Tidus

Age = 3 months
Lenght = 35cm
Abdominal circumference = 31cm

PS: This will not change into a pure pet blog~

My 2010 Target~~

Went to 1 of my closest friend house to bai nian~
My house shall have this too!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


What do you do when you're dead bored in class?

Write a note on your notebook and show it to the rest of your classmate which is not entirely focusing on the class~

Or simply just show them an advertisement you found on the newspaper~
'It's Half price man!!!! HALF!!!!'

And hopefully one of the classmate would be happy to join you can try to convince other people in the group~

And here we are~ McDon Don~
With the HALF price Sundae!

Well~ this is once a year offer from Mcdonald's Prosperity burger~ Since I was sick for more than 2 weeks now.... I was kinda delayed to taste this wonderful burger~

With a new surprise upon every bite following one another.... This is in fact one of the amazing offer that a fast food franchise can provide~
Juicy piece of beef seasoned through the meat...
Perfectly grilled but maintain its tenderness...
Dipped in Aromatic black pepper sauce~
With sweet crunchy Onion slices~

You'll be done with this 6 inch burger without knowing it & you might crave for more at the instance.... I guess there's a reason behind why they came out with DOUBLE meat burger~

Happy New Year to all my folks and Have a pleasant holiday~
Lots of Health & Wealth~

& wanted to post this before Chinese New Year as I think it's a kinda not suitable for the festive season~

A week ago I went to Immigration Department in Melaka....
As I was waiting inside the hall... I noticed what was behind me & can't help to snap a picture....

And so luckily It was 8.30 in the morning....

Ok~ I didn't wanna say anything bout it here... So just try to imagine what was I thinking at that point of time~

Imagine all the people..... Living Life in piece.... From by John Lennon...

PS: Suddenly remembered a joke from a radio....
What's the happiest burger in Malaysia?? burger umbira~~~