Monday, April 30, 2007

End of Chapter 1

Alright... my 1st posting is done.... bye to all the chi sin lou~ mayb we'll meet 1 day in hell~ but for the time being... goodbye~

had post ending on sat.. didn't really care bout it... coz somehow my dear fren DX n Blake really implanted tat thought in me... 'the best student also failed psychiatry la~ nvm la~'

yes it's true... im blaming on u guys now~ hahahaha
n i also got confused sometimes... post ending... ending post... posting end... arghhh!! how can i mix up those words?!
after the little exam... a poker tournament was held in my little apartment... n the champion goes to... B chai.... again... aihh... i guess my luck is really not tat good... 1st time there's a female contestant... not bad at all... n B chai... u forgot to claim ur prize of winning the tournament... haha

time to post some pics which i took during my rounds~

to all of u who soon to be in psychiatry department~ this is the head of psychiatry department talking to a patient.. His name is DR. Sharma.. quite a nice fella... very very dislike the other bastards which i soon to meet in medicine n surgery deparment~ just be nice n he'll be nice to u

one of our rules n regulations in 3rd year is to wear CLOSED SHOE everyday.... but how come?

frens... just take a look around... all the doctors r wearing slippers man... i wonder y...

In the evening... something got into my head n i started to clean my windows... the real window... not windows XP... n with just 2-3 wipes... this is wut i get...

it seriously reminded me of primary school... remembering everytime after we clean the window or floor... the colour of the water will instantly change to black... n everybody is assigned to different work according to their height n even academic result... which i think quite unfair... y am i always the 1 to clean the blackboard??!! arghhh!

n i just came by this bike outside of a restaurant... to all of mayday fans~ ain't this cool? haha

The news came out on 29th of April.. Movies come to live... i wonder anyone would think of the movie which im thinking? (Hint: Chinese Movie la~~)

yes... tomolo will begin of my nightmare posting... total of 6 weeks of medicine n surgery posting... arghhh!! time to get some sleep...

Goodnight earthlings....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This is Cool~!! Take the challenge if ur current life sucks...

Yo everybody... i got this quiz from the net... it took me 1 hour to figure out da answer... so just take out ur pen n papers if u're bored... haha it might make u feel like u're L(Death Note)..
There's an english version of it if u cant read chinese~ but the translation was done by me though... so... hope everybody understands~ oh ya~ it's states tat 98% of ppl done da test couldnt get da answer... good luck folks~




6、抽Pall Mall 香煙的人養鳥  
7、黃色房子主人抽Dunhill 香煙  
9、 挪威人住第一間房  
11、養馬的人住抽Dunhill 香煙的人隔壁  
12、抽Blue Master的人喝啤酒  


1) There's 5 houses painted with different colour on a same street.
2) Each of the house owner came from different country.
3) They are having different drink, different brand of cigarettes n different pets.

The Question is: Who's having fish as pet.

1) The English stays in the Red House.
2) Swedish has a dog.
3) Denmarkian(???) is having Tea.
4) Green House is on The Left side of the White House(haha).
5) The person staying in the Green House is having coffee.
6) The person who smokes Pall Mall has a bird.
7) The person who stays in the Yellow House smokes Dunhill.
8) The person who stays in the middle among the houses is having milk.
9) Norwayian(???) stays in the First house.
10) The person who smokes Blends stays next to the person having a Cat.
11) The person having a Horse stays next to the person who smokes Dunhill.
12) The person who smokes Blue Master is having Beer.
13) German smokes Prince.
14) Norwayian stays next to the Blue House.
15) The person who smokes Blends has a neighbour who is drinking Water.

sorry~ lousy translation... but u guys understand rite? good luck again~
Just message me if u guys wanna noe the answer~

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me~!

first of all... i wanna thank you to my fellow frens who came to my house wif a... cake... hahaha really apprieciate tat.... n really lcuky for some of u guys which will celebrating ur birthdays in malaysia... as thsi is my 3rd birthday here in india... n was really no mood bout it n was decided not to do anything this year.. but then... really thanks to y'all.. haha
1 of Blink 182 songs said... 'nobody likes u when u're 23' i wonder y is tat... but this year had a lil' change in my life... appreciate everybody who wished me... some of u... really we long time no c man... haha thanks~
n also not to forget... Happy birthday to my lovely cousin...
Happy living everybody~

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yeai!! Wireless war~~~

got so excited tonite..... after a series of wireless connection stealing in my apartment... i finally got back my wireless keyboard to work... but for it to work perfectly like last time... i think some time of research is needed... all my nice buttons on top of my keyboard is unusable now la~ aihh...

to expand of wut i said just now... it seems tat my connection has been slow.... download rate is less than 10kb/s.. n i wonder how long hav tat fella been using it... aihh.... so i finally took da effort to setup all the WEP n MAC... haha n c wut i found out after i put tat up~



so according to my housemate..... there wasn't the 3rd connection all the while... it just appeared after i setup my filter... guess there isnt any explaination needed~ haha

n nx up is my keyboard... as my motherboard's PS2 port was fried some time ago... i was forced to use some indian USB keyboard... the cable really made my day... so this when this thing saved my day~~~ ooo yeah..... it's bascily a USB to PS2 converter... n the local ppl here said there's no such thing~!! screw u man!!

Bout my life lately... nothing much to update lately... same old thing...

Dheeraj: wut did we learnt today?
Noto: same.. how to be a vase~
Gosh~ how i really hope this psychiatry posting can end soon enough... i really rather get screwed by Child of Abuse then having this kind of boring life.... at least i can save up tat hatred n write down something in my Death Note.... at least there'll be something for me to do~
today me n Dr. Dhee actually went out to buy ourselves coffee in the middle of... ermm... class? where they just leave us sitting behind of the so called 'classroom'... n OBSERVE how they diagnose the patient fully in Kanada(local language)... yes.. OBSERVE n learn to how to be a vase~!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rain... n i Learnt something new today...

Supposed to write bout this 2 days ago.. as there was a short 'storm' on sat evening... it wasnt really a surprise as 2 years ago... when i was still staying in the hostel... i came out from my room just to observe the rain... mina san~ this is wut we get in india... really there'll be no rain for a few months but when it's raining season... it's scarier than malaysia... ya... malaysia rains every evening... so wut? it'll be raining non-stop or at least 5 times a day here... how is tat?

by the way... da transient storm on sat... i think it was caused by a strong wind from west travelling thorugh da continent... it came wif a strong wind which drag all the dust along wif it...

too bad i didnt catch da photo when i went to my balcony to c da rain... jsut when i open da door... it was all hazy... n this is wut left behind after da rain....

quite scary actually... imagine wut would've blown into my apartment if i didnt realise tat earlier... but then... soon after da storm... it was a nice n cool nite.... went to coffee day n took a... ermmm... arghhh.... 'nice' cup of coffee....

well.... today is my 1st day of posting in the OPD of psychiatric departent... i wonder how is it like in malaysia's psychiatric department... coz it was so so crowded here... india really so many chi sin lou mer? or they just seeking for some attention as i heard tat ppl working in government factory gets medical insurance easily.... gosh... this stupid MAHE must've making lots of money... so... the new thing which i learnt today is.....


i went in the room wif 1 of my classmates at 10am... n i came out at 1.05pm... oh yeah... n guess wut i did... all the time... i was trying my best not to fall asleep in front of the DOCTOR n da patient... ya... as i really dun understand any 1 word at all... y? im in india la!! n y do doctors in india doesnt wear a watch? he asked me once wut time is it at 10.50am... n he just keep see-ing patient without asking or explaining to us.... it was me tat asked him... 'Sir.. wut time are we allowed to leave?' then only he told us i can leave... WTF?! it was oledi 1pm!! i was suffering for the whole 3 hours for nothing?!!! wtf man!! y didnt u hav any clock or wear a watch.... guess i'll jsut buy a clock n gif it to u~ 送钟~

yeah.... i learnt something new today.... thank you very much...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Asssss...... Holeee........

And again....

my name was used by some assholes to create some jokes during their time when they hav nobody to wipe their butts....

didnt your mother teach u not to make fun of ppl or tok bout ppl behind their back?

oh sori...

ur mom is sucking satan's cock in hell... i forgot... pardon me... she wouldnt be able to teach u tat... so... nvm~ i forgive u...

dun do it again ok?

or u'll hav a WONDERFUL life when we all get back to malacca....

just to conclude this up....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Shinigami (Death God)

After a long weekend.... 1 nice BBQ... without delayed de~ peace n quiet sat n sunday... it's time to start the clinics n end of gambling classes....

do u noe in tarot cards... 'death god' is da card tat describe as a new beginning... oh yeah... tat's y im using this note to copy my lecture notes~ hahaha n i actually wrote someone's name on it~ yes! if he would really die... it must've really becoz of me!!! yes!!

for the nx 2 weeks... i'll be posting for psychiatry... always begin wif the defination... back to da basics... but seriously... da lecturer today is really nice... so it's not really all the lecturers here hav no manners... unlike the 2 fella from surgery n medicine department... really dun understands wut's their problem... really bo ga si~

oh ya... came to think bout it... there's a lecturer i particularly gave him a description which really matches his attitude... child of abuse(COB)... how match is it... hmmm... i would say it closes to 80%... poor fella might really been bullied, tortured n abused when he was young... he just like to show his serious face n once in awhile... he looses it n started to show his trueself...

dancing... stupid smile.... lame jokes... cock eye... com'on man(locals like to use this)... if tat's u... just teach us the way u are....

today.... he came in started wif a complaint which 1 of our smartass who said tat da lecturer finished his class at 9.15am... (which is da time for our buses to leave to da hospital) n causes us to be late to our lecture in da hospital... wtf??!! since when did our class starts early? if not it wouldnt been gambling classes for us la.... n u really dunno he got abused last time hor? u still wanna make a fuss bout this kind of minor things mer? wah lao... do u noe got one time he let us go at 1pm ler~!! classes supposed to be finish BEFORE 12pm u noe! now u c... he felt he got abused again n he's so scared to face us oledi.... he said he'll go slow... slowly let us absorb the lecture.... n leaves at 8.45am la... wtf are we going to do for tat long break?! u noe MAHE is so fucking kiam siap tat he built a cafeteria wif 3 stories high.... left the 3rd floor empty n only on the aircon after 10pm when some of the restaurants are oledi open~ well... but actually quite a bright idea... just put a notice... 'free sauna in cafeteria from 8 to 10am... now u can enjoy the heat n NICE food of india'.... fuck u man........

time to open up my psychiatry book now~ wtf?!! another indian book~ arghhh!!!

some photos of BBQ~ we played some games after da BBQ as everybody dun wanna go home early...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Clinic posting~?~!

Hate to say this... but really most of the local ppl here are dumbass~ or perhaps stupid ass(borrowed this word from some where)

anybody would ask me how's life... i seriously dunno how to answer...

of coz my other part of life(excluding studies de la~~~) is damn fine~ hehe

but just tat sitting 1 hour of lecture from 8-9 everyday... followed by taking AIR-CONDITIONED bus to the hospital in town n wait for lecturers come n show off how they wasted their life without knowing wut lies beyond their medical mind... then afternoon coming back to da same place again... all the above.... yeai... 3rd year of medical journey... wut the heck?!

i think some guys would oledi noe i really developed some nice habit here... reason... lack of entertainment... n now it has become worst... everyday... n i mean it's everyday... money will be flying among our pockets... from dai dee to black jack... n thanks guys..... pay up b4 this week~! as we hav a longer weekend to go~ hahaha

oh yes... i havent study back my 1st year stuff as a bastard(lets just call him tat 1st, will hav a better name for him soon) is going to make us hate him again~ i really admire tat fella... he can make the whole class hate him on his 1st day of class... but it's good tat we're having da preview of melaka... i heard tat ALL of the melaka lecturers will be as bad as him...

ah~~~ i'll just list down some funny stuff which i encountered from a few 3rd year lecturers... n let me follow the chronological order also~ hahaha

1) came in class wif a big big HELLO!!! then started to show off who n wut is he... (im sure we'll be getting lots of fun from him as soon as we get back to melaka~)

2) u~ as medical students.. must hav more to tell bout a diagnosis... if not it'll be the same as a guy from the street(of coz it'll be the same.... it's all medical student around here)

3) plz study n come... after my lecture... if u cant reproduce anything... it'll be da same as teaching a MENTALLY RETARD... coz he wont be able to answer my questions also... (i particularly remembered this for a reference)

4) do u guys hav a habit of standing up n greet the lecturer when they come in? everybody started to stand up n say... gooooooooddddd...... morrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnninggggggggggg sir... (whao!!! dun u just miss tat!)

now... for everybody's favourite...

5) either u guys just all wear labcoats or all dun wear... i dun wan to c half of u guys wearing n half is not.... 'the nx day' where is ur lab coat.... hmm......... i didnt expect this.... 'smile' (bastard)

6) the girl behind~ define an ulcer... a breach in the epithelium with microscopic death of tissue... hmmm.... Incomplete..... ( hello~~~ tat's da complete defination from all text books!! bastard!)

7) 'came in class late' 'asked lots of questions' 'still not satisfied' i think most of u guys didnt study n come... tomolo i'll be asking questions again... n tomolo u wont be having any excuse.... 'left the class after came in for 30 min without teaching anything' (bastard)

tat's it for now.... i hav to study again.... bastard...

oh ya~ some pics~ this fish is selling about RM6 per 100gm in malaysia... n i bought it for RS60(RM5)... whao~ da 1 im holding is about 1kg la~~~ nice la!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A New Beginning...

i really wonder how i would start off with the word.. WELL...
maybe everything really seems to be well now...
at least for now...
finally... i've in the 3rd year of my medical course... i wonder how long i've been saying tat i wanted to start a new blog.. n guess wut... this time i'll use english in stead~ haha

just had a wonderful dinner wif 3 of my best frens in manipal... gosh.. not tat i wanna praise myself or something... i really can cook de ne~ hahaha
anyone interested on wut i cooked... i'll post some photo on da next post lor....
coz there's still lots of dishes to do.... my apartment smells like fish now... luckily i brought an air refresher here this time... nice~!
that's it for a 'new beginning'
more to come mate('mite')~~

oopss... forgot to introduce myself...

forget it....
u guys noe who am i....
this lil' blog here... will be featuring the simple life of a medical student....
SIMPLE!! life....