Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Clinic posting~?~!

Hate to say this... but really most of the local ppl here are dumbass~ or perhaps stupid ass(borrowed this word from some where)

anybody would ask me how's life... i seriously dunno how to answer...

of coz my other part of life(excluding studies de la~~~) is damn fine~ hehe

but just tat sitting 1 hour of lecture from 8-9 everyday... followed by taking AIR-CONDITIONED bus to the hospital in town n wait for lecturers come n show off how they wasted their life without knowing wut lies beyond their medical mind... then afternoon coming back to da same place again... all the above.... yeai... 3rd year of medical journey... wut the heck?!

i think some guys would oledi noe i really developed some nice habit here... reason... lack of entertainment... n now it has become worst... everyday... n i mean it's everyday... money will be flying among our pockets... from dai dee to black jack... n thanks guys..... pay up b4 this week~! as we hav a longer weekend to go~ hahaha

oh yes... i havent study back my 1st year stuff as a bastard(lets just call him tat 1st, will hav a better name for him soon) is going to make us hate him again~ i really admire tat fella... he can make the whole class hate him on his 1st day of class... but it's good tat we're having da preview of melaka... i heard tat ALL of the melaka lecturers will be as bad as him...

ah~~~ i'll just list down some funny stuff which i encountered from a few 3rd year lecturers... n let me follow the chronological order also~ hahaha

1) came in class wif a big big HELLO!!! then started to show off who n wut is he... (im sure we'll be getting lots of fun from him as soon as we get back to melaka~)

2) u~ as medical students.. must hav more to tell bout a diagnosis... if not it'll be the same as a guy from the street(of coz it'll be the same.... it's all medical student around here)

3) plz study n come... after my lecture... if u cant reproduce anything... it'll be da same as teaching a MENTALLY RETARD... coz he wont be able to answer my questions also... (i particularly remembered this for a reference)

4) do u guys hav a habit of standing up n greet the lecturer when they come in? everybody started to stand up n say... gooooooooddddd...... morrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnninggggggggggg sir... (whao!!! dun u just miss tat!)

now... for everybody's favourite...

5) either u guys just all wear labcoats or all dun wear... i dun wan to c half of u guys wearing n half is not.... 'the nx day' where is ur lab coat.... hmm......... i didnt expect this.... 'smile' (bastard)

6) the girl behind~ define an ulcer... a breach in the epithelium with microscopic death of tissue... hmmm.... Incomplete..... ( hello~~~ tat's da complete defination from all text books!! bastard!)

7) 'came in class late' 'asked lots of questions' 'still not satisfied' i think most of u guys didnt study n come... tomolo i'll be asking questions again... n tomolo u wont be having any excuse.... 'left the class after came in for 30 min without teaching anything' (bastard)

tat's it for now.... i hav to study again.... bastard...

oh ya~ some pics~ this fish is selling about RM6 per 100gm in malaysia... n i bought it for RS60(RM5)... whao~ da 1 im holding is about 1kg la~~~ nice la!

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