Friday, April 20, 2007

Yeai!! Wireless war~~~

got so excited tonite..... after a series of wireless connection stealing in my apartment... i finally got back my wireless keyboard to work... but for it to work perfectly like last time... i think some time of research is needed... all my nice buttons on top of my keyboard is unusable now la~ aihh...

to expand of wut i said just now... it seems tat my connection has been slow.... download rate is less than 10kb/s.. n i wonder how long hav tat fella been using it... aihh.... so i finally took da effort to setup all the WEP n MAC... haha n c wut i found out after i put tat up~



so according to my housemate..... there wasn't the 3rd connection all the while... it just appeared after i setup my filter... guess there isnt any explaination needed~ haha

n nx up is my keyboard... as my motherboard's PS2 port was fried some time ago... i was forced to use some indian USB keyboard... the cable really made my day... so this when this thing saved my day~~~ ooo yeah..... it's bascily a USB to PS2 converter... n the local ppl here said there's no such thing~!! screw u man!!

Bout my life lately... nothing much to update lately... same old thing...

Dheeraj: wut did we learnt today?
Noto: same.. how to be a vase~
Gosh~ how i really hope this psychiatry posting can end soon enough... i really rather get screwed by Child of Abuse then having this kind of boring life.... at least i can save up tat hatred n write down something in my Death Note.... at least there'll be something for me to do~
today me n Dr. Dhee actually went out to buy ourselves coffee in the middle of... ermm... class? where they just leave us sitting behind of the so called 'classroom'... n OBSERVE how they diagnose the patient fully in Kanada(local language)... yes.. OBSERVE n learn to how to be a vase~!!!

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xc said...

'Kanada' refers to 'Canada' in Bahasa Melayu.It should be 'Kannada'.

'Kannada is the State Language of Karnataka. It's spoken by over 5 Million people worldwide.'

I think you should start learning Kannada.


ok la,teach you some basics first.

'Ninna hesarenu?'---what's your name?

'Hegiddhiya?'---How are you?