Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mooncake anyone?

It's the time of the year again where all the restaurants & bakery make their once a year major profit!
Seriously... how much do you think once piece of mooncake costs...
Rm10 for a small piece like this?
I actually saw some forums where people saying they will boycott mooncake because of it's unworthy price...
But screw those people... Mooncake is part of our tradition...
If they're so concern bout unworthy... go protest infront of starhill la! haha

Oh ya~ before i start... let me tell the story of mooncake to my friends who doesn't know it...
A very short version of it...
The origin came from a long long long time ago, some where in CHINA... A war was going on... & the people of China came up with a plan to do something which i forgot what they were trying to do... The wanted to pass down a message regarding a plan of a rebellion group... So they stuff a piece of paper into a piece of cake & pass it on from house to house.... And their plan worked~
& that's the origin of mooncake where now people stuff a salted egg yolk in the middle instead of a message la of coz~

anyway... here comes the mooncake.....
People were saying the cost goes to all the advertisement, promotion & the packaging~
This year's box design is quite nice wif the blend of colours which made it 'high-class' looking~
not bad....
worth to pay for the price ar? hahaha

Here comes my first Bite!
Due to increased awareness of health among public since few years back... all of the mooncake manufacturer are improvising on 'LOW SUGAR' Mooncake...
So this is not bad at all... the right amount of sweetness~ oooo hooo~

Traditional mooncake are just lotus with a single or double egg yolk...
& here are all the fancy funny & perhaps... YUCKY mooncake they came up with~

First up... Tiramisu!
& guess what the tiramisu mooncake could do~
Stick to the knife!!! This is no magic! haha
& the taste is jsut horrible... the covering... err let me jsut clal it skin~ The skin of the mooncake jsut doesn't blend with the Tiramisu flavour.. It sucks! that's all i can say~

I have to meditate after eating that~

Next! The king of fruit! Durian!
I actually saw SOMEBODY posted in facebook saying durian is damn good... & I'm bad enough to convince Kar Foo to buy it from Jusco~
So of cause the honor of cutting it goes to him~
The inside of Durian Mooncake!

It's just the middle part of it is filled with Durian paste.... perhaps some real durian meat too...
but the Brownish covering you see is just green bean paste & taste like 'Ang Gu'(红龟)to some of you who knows what's that... Just.... The worst Ang Gu I ever tasted... It's too dry & the taste of green bean paste DOES NOT MATCH with DURIAN AT ALL!

But the Smell of it is definitely brings out the monkey in u~
So... Just by the smell is good~

& so it's still come back to the original or rather this 1... Green Tea~
It's so good as I actually forgot to take a picture before we engulf it~

A good taste of mooncake always completes with good tea~

Here I dedicate this part of my blog to Dheeraj Narayanan~
As he's the one who introduced this wonderful teabag to me~

Dilmah Green tea with Jasmine Petals.... Go try it for those who loves tea~

Additional notes~
2 guys & 1 girl finished this~ Right.......................

& Here comes my dog!
Ahh!! Shiro coming on Monday!!!
& don't tell my parents to those who could! Thank you for your cooperation!


lazy lil princess said...

the green tea is superb.. we bought one packet home too

Noto said...

You still want the Tiramisu mer?

John Goh said...

Wooof Wooof WOWOWOW....