Monday, July 16, 2007


After a month of frustrating posting in Udupi... and also observing how the Histrionic Personal Disorder patient getting worst each day.... im saying i really got not much of mood to write any blog... but since i've changed to another posting now... so let me continue to write bout my remaining 47 days in INDIA... great! 47 days!

today's my 1st day of posting in Karkala~ it's a SIMPLE place with lots of trees.... -_-|||
45 mins away from manipal... oh yeah... it's a total of 1 and a half hours of rumbling bus ride each day! so wut do u get when u get there? there's a nice canteen wif 1 n a half table(half is attached to the wall) in it which can fit ermm.... 8 ppl? ahhh.... but still... it's just a small hospital there... with just 3 departments n 80 beds... so wut do u expect... u're just coming here for 3 weeks ei~ no problem la~ n how the lecturer said during our orientation which is quite beneficial to me~

'one of ur major problem here is just food, the dean came last week n we discussed various ways to improve it, but it just couldnt work out'

oh yes... this programme has been there for 10 years now.. n they couldnt tok over to some restaurant in town to bring us some food or wut do ever.... this is 1 of the best example of showing the efficiency of LOCAL INDIANS~ great~

anyway... after 1 month of not coming to this blog...(thxto my fren who came here more often than i did, haha i'll  stop here by really couldnt get enough sleep yesterday n having this severe headache wholeday...but then... something to freshen up my dust coated blog~ got it from charles yesterday... this guy is really improving~haha


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

This guy is really good. Who is he?

Noto said...

he's from Muar... studying in taiwan i think... here's his blog...

he got 2 more videos in youtube....
i wonder when he come back will there be police waiting for him at da arrival gate ler~