Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boleh Car!!

After being a malaysian for 23 years... I really proudly to say that Malaysia is actually a very nice country... our specialty comes especially on the food since we belong to a multi-cultural country...
I really love this country n would not migrate unless they completely Ban consuming or distributing PORK... yes... such a nice country... lets help to further build it up... Travel around malaysia... support visit malaysia 2007... support local products...
but then..... i'll go Perodua n HELL NO to proton!!

read this~

Boleh Car

Addition to tat... something funny came out in the news by some Minister of Bolehland....

Back To Bahasa Malaysia

"Bahasa Malaysia would help inculcate a sense of belonging for all citizens irrespective of race"

Would that really bring peace & harmony to Bolehland? -_-|||

Noto's opinion: "I DON'T THINK SO LOR!!"

or u just wanna make fun of him?

Bahasa Malaysia was introduced by Tunku Abdul Rahman after the country's independence to inculcate a Malaysian identity.

It was generally accepted and no one asked for a change until (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim became the education minister (in 1986)."

Whatever.... I don't give a damn~ just dun ban pork!

PS: i drive a Kembara~

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