Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Makanan Cepat~~~

Always wonder when did all the fastfood first came.... heard from my dad... he remembers when he was like primary school... perhaps 40 years back? there's already A&W in Petaling Jaya... nehh... im sure you guys from PJ would have been to the 1 near Taman Jaya LRT station... so the white people already have that kind of concept & top of all... the standard of food is maintain throughout all the branches of fast food.... when im saying fast food... i mean all the major big big fast food around the globe... not the 'fast food' we saw in india ok~

It's been quite a trend lately that most of the restaurant which became so popular... they started to open new branches & their standard flows down to the drain.... Most... Im saying like 90%? their standard became so bad along with their reputation... their fate... complete close down & bye bye~~
the very first shop which i noticed is "Ah Chan's Wan Tan Mee"
The 90s' TVB actor who went bankrupt after he left his acting career & went into business~
Again... you guys from PJ area probably would know right?
When he just started... his shop was so so so crowded everyday... even reporters from Hong Kong came to his shop & interviewed him..
it was so so so soon as his greed destroyed him... so fast... not even 1 year after his first shop opened... he straight away open 2 more branches in KL & another 1 which i really don't know where is it....
so what happened next? i said it on top~

moral of the story... Appreciate & be thankful~

so what is there for Bolehland to do? being a multi-racial country... we really have a vriety of foods & lots of fusion~
ok la... Bolehland what... cannot be using Chinese or Indian food 1 right... the ministry of health won't approve 1 la~
so you guys can think of anything from bolehland which is quite successful in having lots of branches?

Kajang Satay lor....
they are now actually all around the place.... started in one of the rest station in Kesas highway... it is now also available in uptown... & many other places(i assume)...
They even have theirown Website man!! Kajang Sate

*Be sure to click on the website!!! have a look of how nicely & efficient is Bolehland~

so... i came to this in Dengkil rest station of the highway towards KLIA... sorry... i don't know what's the name of the highway~
so people~ you can enjoy this nice Kajang Satay if you're heading towards south from KL, before leaving the country or dar pao for your love ones when you're going to fetch them from KLIA...

The price is not too bad~ as you're paying for the right amount of meat in each stick.. well... they still include a small piece of Chicken skin in between... but it's for the greater taste la~ ok lor...

for you mutton lovers out there... please don't order it if you're suffering from scurvy & gingivitis... or even when you're having braces~ you know la~

i really wonder do they have branches outside the country~ as i think they're quite successful in that... the taste of the 3 branches i went is really 95% similar & as tasty as it looks...
i tried to look for it in their website... but couldn't find it... have you seen the website? if not... please do so now~

Malaysia Boleh~

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