Thursday, July 31, 2008

Journey to Centre of Earth 3D... Awesome!!

As how i predicted... this is really not a movie worth watching in the cinema... as a matter of fact... it's not even a movie which u should waste ur 1 & a half hours watching even if u downloaded it...
but then i think the purpose of this movie was made is just for the purpose of a 3D movie....
Watching the 3D version really not bad at all....
poor story line.... 80's plot.... An Iceland girl with underage look...Superb 3D presentation.... Great Experience!!! even when the characters are not popping out of the screen... the plane of the screen is just 3D... A feeling of actually being inside the movie indeed... 12 bucks movie ticket & 5 bucks surcharge for 3D... great deal too! Imax is 9 bucks & just 30min? & they don't even have dolby surround! haha
suddenly came up with an idea... If the upcoming video game movie is gonna be in 3D... that would definitely 1 hell of an experience!! I'll watch it even if i would piss in my pants!

Well... they provide this 3D glasses....

Do i look like duck knight?

Hmmm... Anti theft installed~ i wonder how are they gonna detect it? they didn't have that detector outside of the cinema~ just 2 guys standing at the exit... are they carrying some mobile detector or something?
anyway... according to GSC... the glasses cost RM200 if any damage or lost... 200 bucks?! what if there's a kid sitting next to me & got so excited & just so happened to accidently broke it? The poor parents have to pay 200 bucks for it? perhaps this is the actual movie where parental advisor needed~ haha
So they keeping that glasses or will be giving it back to the supplier once the movie is out? could that be any more 3D movies? YES! I WANT MORE!!

Here is the rules implied by GSC~
(for "Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3-D movie", exclusively in GSC Mid Valley)

  • RM 200.00 would be charged for each pair of 3D glasses that is damaged or lost.
  • 3D glasses are to be returned at the end of the show at the exit.
  • Please DO NOT try to clean the 3D glasses using tissue paper.
  • 3D glasses are not for sale.
  • Patrons are advised to close their eyes for a while should they feel giddy.

  • OK~ Do Not try to clean~ i wonder why~ When i got a hold on the glasses... the 1st thing i noticed was the glass is covered with finger prints... damn the oily.... so what am is suppose to clean it with? my shirt???
    Giddy? Nah... throughout the whole 1 & half hours... didn't feel that at all... so no worries for people with car or plane sick.... don't hesitate to experience it yourself~

    IMDB rating: 6.5/10

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    KhanG said...

    omg DUCK Knight!!!! hahahahaha