Wednesday, August 26, 2009

De le Noto...

De le France
I'm sure anyone would know this name but you might not have been inside
Is it because of the outlets' existence in Malaysia for quite some time?
It is so common that you can really find it in almost EVERY shopping places...
I can say that when you can even find it in Malacca~

It's been years since i last had my croissant sandwich from De le France
but screw it...
I'm making my own Tuna croissant tonight~!

First... Get your own brand of tuna chunk....

Some Chopped onions to sweeten things up~

Some Oregano Spice~

And of cause.... Mayonaise and some salt & pepper for seasoning~
Crab sticks as preferred~ And just mix it together~
Croissant~ (French pronunciation: [kʁwasɑ̃] Kru oi saunt)

Some lettuce... I blurred the image for the pleasure viewing of Carnivores

Stuff in the tuna paste as preferred~

Or stuff it til' it looks disgusting~ That's the I do it~!!

Wah la~ De le Noto~

PS: Can I make this sandwich for you when we're old??

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