Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shouldn't this be a Death Sentence for him?!!

As I drove out of my apartment this morning, i overheard the radio news about a 14 year old girl is 5 month pregnant after being date rape by another 19 year old guy... The girl knew the guy through SMS-ing... Came out... Guy took picture... Blackmailing... blah blah blah... same old story... But what come to my surprise is that... As i read from China Press (中国报)... The parents & an aunt decided to let the INNOCENT baby to live.... ok..... Whos baby is that? What if when the child grows up & Look very much alike as the FATHER... Will the mother still treat the baby as she should be? yea... INNOCENT la... the baby....

Note: It is legal to do an abortion below 6 months of pregnancy & conception from a Rape case...

But what really shocked me is not that news.... It's another news which i saw while i was trying to look for the news above.... Please read...

Serial rapist gets 12 more years

IPOH: A serial rapist, already serving an 11-year term for rape, was sentenced to a further 12 years jail for raping a 10-year-old girl.

Former soldier Jasli Amir Salleh, 34, pleaded guilty to raping the girl at his home in Batu Gajah at 12.30am on Sept 14, 2003.

He is also accused of forcing an eight-year-old girl to commit oral sex on him between midnight and 12.15am that same day.

A third charge accuses Jasli of raping the older girl again between 9pm and 5am at his army barracks between Nov 6 and Dec 5, 2002.

At the Sessions Court here yesterday, Jasli only pleaded guilty to the first charge.

More jail time: The former soldier being led out of the lower courts complex in Ipoh yesterday after being sentenced to 12 years’ jail for raping the young girl.

According to the facts of the case, Jasli raped the 10-year-old girl while she was sleeping on the floor of his room.

At the time of the rape, Jasli’s wife was sleeping on the bed in the same room.

Frightened, the 10-year-old girl did not put up a fight but went back to sleep after the incident.

She only complained about the incident after she returned to her home in another town later that evening.

In mitigation, defence counsel S. Sundarajan appealed to the court to sentence Jasli only on the first charge and take into consideration the other two charges.

“Furthermore, he has been serving an 11-year jail term since December 2003 for a previous rape conviction in Teluk Intan, so I hope the court will consider giving him a lesser sentence,” he said.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Siti Nora Shariff, however, urged the court to hand down a deterrent sentence, saying Jasli was a threat to public safety.

Sessions Court Judge Hashim Hamzah ordered Jasli to be jailed for 12 years after he completes serving the current 11-year jail term, and to be given six strokes of the rotan as well.

Shouldn't it be a death sentence for the Rapist & the FUCKING LAWYER??!!!

OMFG!!!! Anwar concensual sodomy a 23 year GAYish guy can sentence up to 20 years if proved guilty... & this pedophile... 3 serial raping... showing his face to reporters with a smile after being charged... 11 years & his lawyer asking for lesser sentence?!! WTF!!

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