Friday, December 25, 2009


just not so long ago I watched Dr Dolittle 2 again.. there's a scene which caught my attention which I dun really know why.. it's about a flock of birds planning like the way of airforce on an attack on 2 guys..
so this is what I say that day on the street..

I'm kinda tempted to wait til the car owner back and see how much the fella's jaw can drop.. haha

Don't ask me why I blog this on christmas day.. it's 230pm and I just woke up not so long ago..

merry christmas to all my fello friends
May all your wish come true..

ps: this is my 1st attempt on writing blog with my phone.. not bad at all.. haha


Edmond said...

i noe where is this..
car park opposite dataran pahlawan!!
i kena once last time! damn!

Noto said...

hahahaha~ i thought u so smart can recognize the place... it's ur personal experience is it~ heh